ThreatLocker Helps to Prevent Malware and Ransomware Attacks

ThreatLocker is used by Triella with all of its clients to ensure that only applications that are approved can be run on a given computer.   Should a person try to install an application on the computer, ThreatLocker will prevent this from happening and prompt the user to request permission for that application to be installed. [...]

SentinelOne Protects Against Two High Profile Cyber Attacks

The global cyber security landscape today is fraught with risks. New and dangerous forms of malware, highly coordinated ransom attacks, and state-sponsored cyber-attacks against infrastructure and industry are all on the rise. The tools and practices of the past are no longer adequate to keep pace with the threats we face today, let alone the [...]

How to Setup Safe Senders in Mimecast

Mimecast is Triella's choice for spam management.   It is used heavily in legal environments and goals well beyond spam management by allowing emails to be archived virtually indefinitely,  allowing end users to sent mail messages much larger then the limit of their email system and allowing this all inside the Outlook interface. While Mimecast provides [...]

Prevent Cyber-attacks with Application Whitelisting

Cybercriminals are growing and using more sophisticated attacks every day. Antivirus software alone cannot protect your IT systems.  Cybersecurity experts recommend using a layered approach to security and in this article, we will discuss one of these layers of protection that can dramatically increase the security to your IT network. At Triella, we continuously review [...]

Security Tips for Working from Home

With most people working from home for the duration of the pandemic, the security and privacy of your firm’s data and information is of the utmost concern.  Employees who may never have worked outside the office, are not only using firm computers, laptops and tablets, but also personal home devices. Most firms have a work [...]

Updates to Zoom Security

Since we wrote our last article on Zoom’s security issues, Zoom has stepped up to the challenge with many enhancements to their platform.  Here is a list of enhancements for paid users of the platform: As of April 18: Ability to determine which data center regions you want your Zoom data to traverse.  Thus, you [...]

Zoom Conferencing – is it safe?

The risk is real There was a lot of buzz yesterday about Zoom security.   Admittedly the company does not do as much as it could to secure its platform favouring ease of use over security.   However, consider how the product is used by you and the real security risk.  Zoom offers a lot of security [...]

Cyber Security Training

Being vigilant about cyber security helps to protect core business operations regardless of the size of your organization. Employees and staff are a critical part of  any protection as they are on the "front lines".  In order to protect themselves and the firm from attacks, knowledge helps. With everyone working remotely due to COVID 19, [...]

Monitoring the Dark Web – A New Service!

Dark Web Monitoring should be part of your security portfolio You are likely accustomed to the internet as you use it for business, shopping, browsing, research and lots of other activities.  Yet there is a lot of other data that is transferred on the Internet such as transactional information, email and a variety of other [...]

Triella’s Security Offerings – Part 4 of 4 – The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard includes all the items listed in the Silver and Bronze Standard, plus the following: Annual Disaster Recovery Testing Once per year, we will shut down all systems and run a test of the disaster recovery system so that the firm can understand the full recoverability of the system and human resources required [...]