ThreatLocker Helps to Prevent Malware and Ransomware Attacks

ThreatLocker is used by Triella with all of its clients to ensure that only applications that are approved can be run on a given computer.   Should a person try to install an application on the computer, ThreatLocker will prevent this from happening and prompt the user to request permission for that application to be installed. [...]

How ThreatLocker is Different from Anti-Virus

Threatlocker is not another anti-virus software, and it is also not a replacement for anti-virus software. How antivirus software works: Traditional anti-virus software works by fundamentally creating a bad list of software hashes and adding them to a blocklist. When an application opens, it checks against the blocklist and blocks it if listed in the [...]

Introducing ThreatLocker

PUT COMPLETE PROTECTION AROUND YOUR FIRM’S COMPUTERS IN ALL LOCATIONS COVID has forced virtually all firms to have their staff work from home.   As a result, and as we continue to rethink our business practices, security has become more of an issue. Triella continuously looks to improve the security position of our clients by looking [...]