Triella’s Security Offerings – Part 1

The risks are real

The threat landscape continues to evolve and with it brings more challenges for IT providers to protect their clients and data. Over the past few months we have seen IT providers get targeted by malware attacks which has crippled several of these firms. In turn all the clients that relied on these IT providers, saw their data compromised. The risks are real.

Triella taking steps to increase security

At Triella, we are focused on continuous incremental improvement in the services we deliver to clients to ensure our clients are well protected from the issues that present themselves almost daily. Over the past few months, we have implemented a number of new security protocols, some on our internal systems and others with the participation of or clients to lead a proactive fight against increasing malicious cyber threats. We would like to take this opportunity to explain some of the steps we have taken to better safeguard your IT systems and your data. In addition to our existing security services, we have…

  1. Hardened client and Triella firewalls and introduced daily internal reporting to monitor every threat. affecting our client firewall systems.  Major issues are reported to the firm, so immediate action can be taken to rectify the threat. Hardening includes country based blocking and website blocking to minimize the threat footprint for our clients.
  2. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on all systems used to manage client sites. 2FA allows us to add an additional layer of security to these systems, so even if a hacker gets access to the password, he/she will not be able to access the system. We are also encouraging all clients to implement 2FA, especially if there are remote users in the environment.
  3. Strengthened password requirement to a default minimum of 10 characters. The most common hacks are a result of weak passwords and longer passwords are more difficult to crack. We encourage our clients and non-clients alike to introduce these guidelines in your firm. We can help you get started.
  4. Introduced a suite of new security products. Some steps to secure our clients’ systems are more straightforward that others, and we want to make sure we have all the tools available to help you stay protected. From basic firewall protection to annual penetration testing to continuous monitoring at the packet level, we have introduced a variety of different security protocols to better secure our client environments. We will elaborate on these security offerings in our upcoming blogs.
  5. Enabled monthly patching for all computers. Monthly patching for computers ensures that your computer gets the latest security patch for known viruses/malware. For example a major vulnerability announced in August is already patched for more than half of our clients.

We encourage you to start the discussion on cyber security and to instill best practices on how to safely use the technology around you. Triella can help you plan and implement such strategies so you and your data remains protected.

Our work is far from done.   We will continue to improve security for our clients across all attack vectors.

Faraz Mehmood is a Sales and Marketing Coodinator at Triella.  We are a technology consulting company specializing in providing technology audits, planning advice, project management and other CIO-related services to small and medium-sized firms. Faraz can be reached at 647.426.1004. For additional articles, go to our blog page. Triella is a VMware Professional Partner, Microsoft Certified Partner, Citrix Solution Advisor – Silver, Dell Preferred Partner, Authorized Worldox Reseller and a Webroot Reseller.

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