An Brief Twitter Glossary

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Providing definitions on some of Twitter’s most popular words, phrases, and actions.
As a popular social media platform, Twitter has developed and cultivated certain words and phrases describing its methods and practices.  These words have found their way into an individual’s everyday vocabulary and are often used to explain or describe certain news and events on Twitter.
Here is a look at some of the most common words associated with Twitter.


A personalized message containing combinations of text, photos, links, videos, etc.  A tweet contains 140 characters of text and is the primary way that information, comments or updates are posted on Twitter.


The act of sending a tweet or message through Twitter.  Tweeting is the primary method of how information is delivered and travelled around Twitter.


Refers to the “#” symbol which precedes a specific word or phrase in an individual’s tweet.  Hashtag words are highlighted and users can click on them to see additional tweets with the same keywords or phrases.
Real World Example:   #coffeeshop will bring up all related tweets and messages with that phrase included.


A topic or hashtag that is popular among users. Popularity might stem from the subject matter (ex. Transit delays, political speeches, holidays, etc.) and tends to get a large number of people responding to the topic with their own messages.
Real World Example:  #MerryChristmas would be a trending hashtag on December 25th


Sharing another person’s tweet with your followers.  Retweeted messages can be shared by multiple people which helps them gain a wider audience.


A person’s username on Twitter.  It is usually classified with the “@” symbol.  The handle appears on every tweet sent by a user.
Real World Example:  Triella’s official Twitter Page has the handle @TriellaCorp


Liking a tweet means you appreciate someone’s tweet or message.  You can show appreciation for someone else’s tweet by clicking the “heart icon” located at the bottom of each tweet.


Refers to the number of people who have subscribed to a user.  By agreeing to follow someone on Twitter, you will see all of the tweets and messages posted by that person.  You have the option to un-follow a person at any time.
The “Follow” icon appears on the right hand side of a user’s profile page.  Click the icon to begin following the user: 
The “Followers” icon on your profile page allows you to keep track of how many people are following you on Twitter.


When a user’s handle (i.e. @TriellaCorp) is included in someone else’s tweet.  Users are notified if their handle appears in someone’s tweet.
Real World Example:


A real time view of all tweets and messages.  Your timeline lists all your tweets and your followers’ tweets.  Your timeline continuously refreshes to keep messages up-to-date.
Real World Example:


A blue check icon to indicate the legitimacy of certain Twitter accounts.  This icon appears on the Twitter accounts of high profile people (i.e. celebrities) and companies as a form of proof that it is the person or company’s actual Twitter account.
Real World Example:  Forbes has multiple Twitter pages each marked by a blue check mark to inform users that content published under these accounts is endorsed and put out by Forbes.
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