What To Expect When “Gmailifying” Your Email

Thanks to Google, users now have the ability to move their Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo emails into their Gmail accounts.

Google’s latest initiative “Gmailify” allows users to access emails from providers such as Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo and view them in their Gmail account.  Currently available on the Gmail Android app, users move their emails by activating the “Gmailify” feature in the Gmail app which allows them to link their Outlook/Hotmail/Yahoo email addresses to their existing Gmail account or to create a new Gmail account which can be used to link the addresses.
While users have the option to unlink their Outlook/Hotmail/Yahoo email addresses at any time, the ability to have all your emails easily accessible and stored in one place is a great incentive.  Particularly when staying up-to-date on emails while on the go or working remotely.
Here’s a look at some of the other features of “Gmailify”.

Spam Protection and Management

Gmail has impressive spam management tools that help to keep spam and other suspicious emails out of your account.  According to Gmail, “less than 0.1% of email in the average Gmail inbox is spam, and the amount of wanted mail landing in the spam folder is even lower, at under 0.05%.” [1]
Gmailify3 (2)
By moving emails from Outlook/Hotmail/Yahoo into Gmail you are able to ensure that those emails and correspondence are protected by Gmail’s spam management filters.  This will help reduce the amount of suspicious or dangerous emails that come into your inbox from external sources.

Access to Gmail’s Inbox Interface

While “Gmailifying” your emails will allow you to reap the benefit of Gmail’s spam management filters, it will also provide you with Gmail’s current interface for your non-Gmail emails and its assorted benefits.
A good example is the use of tabs to categorize a person’s emails.  You have the option to categorize emails by creating up to 5 tabs in your inbox.
These tabs categorize email according to Primary messages, Social messages from sites like Facebook and Twitter, Promotions messages from retailers, companies, and so on.  By using these tabs, Gmail automatically catalogs a person’s emails allowing them to find their messages faster and separate important messages from promotions, social media updates, etc.

Advanced Searching Capabilities

Gmail offers users the opportunity to find emails and messages quickly with their advanced searching capabilities.  Using symbols and query words that perform special actions within Gmail’s interface, emails can be found and retrieved very quickly.
There are also filters that can be set up which allows you to archive, label, delete, star, forward, etc. your incoming messages making them easier to search.
Gmailify6 (2)

Continuity Across All Your Email Platforms

The main feature of “Gmailify” is for users to have all of their emails in one location.  “Gmailify” allows users to have their non-Gmail messages and correspondence in their Gmail account.  Having all your emails centralized in one place can help you keep track of day-today activities, help to ensure that you do not miss any important or critical emails, and cuts down on the practice of checking multiple email accounts of applications in order to retrieve your mail.
The ability for users to “Gmailify” their email accounts is a new asset in terms of email integration.  While it is only available to Android users at the moment, the benefits of integrating your assorted email accounts into Gmail will hopefully mean that other devices (ex. Apple, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.) will also be granted this capability.
[1] Sri Harsha Somanchi.  “The mail you want, not the spam you don’t”.  Official Gmail Blog.  July 9th 2015.
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