Worldox adding more value for existing clients

What is Worldox?

Worldox is a document management system that helps groups of people file documents in a consistent way and also helps with the day to day storage and retrieval of electronic documents. From voice mail messages, to Word documents to CAD documents – all the content associated with a file can be stored in the same place using Worldox.

And now, for their customers with valid maintenance, there are a host of new features that previously cost money that are now included with the basic license. The features include:


This is a module that will allow you to send email notifications to a given person if a condition is met within the document management system. For example, if a person is leaving the firm, a Notify rule can be set up such that if they copy or delete a document, a notification can be sent to the Office Manager. Or, if a new Precedent document is added to the collection, a notice can go to all lawyers in a specific department to let them know that the precedent is available.


The module allows you to associate a document with a task in Outlook. In that way the document is available and easily accessed when it comes time to work on the task.

Exchange Integration

Worldox is already firmly integrated with Outlook. With a combination of folders which you can drop emails into, automatic profiling of dropped documents and the ability to search for documents right in Outlook, Worldox has a strong offering to support email.

Worldox has now released a new module that works with Exchange. Specific email folders can be designated as Worldox folders. If an email is placed in that folder, then the email is automatically profiled into Worldox by Exchange. This means a few things:

  1. The processing for filing emails now takes place on the Exchange server rather than at the Outlook client. So if you need to file a few hundred emails, your machine is free to continue working while Exchange does the work for you.
  2. If using a mobile phone, you can now file a message to a folder and have that message automatically profiled into Worldox right away. There is no need for a mobile client or special software to make this happen.
  3. Worldox will use heuristics to automatically file messages into email enabled folders once it figures out that this is what you want to do regularly.

Worldox will only do this on Outlook folders that have been designated as Worldox enabled. All other folders will be unscathed!

Worldox Web

The web version of Worldox has been enhanced in version 3 to work a lot more like the desktop client. You no longer need to checkout and check in documents to work on them. That process happens automatically behind the scenes such that you can work on documents easily.

Worldox has provided free licenses for Worldox Web up to the number of users licensed at the client site. So if you have 16 Worldox Professional licenses, you automatically have 16 Worldox Web licenses.

Indexing as a Service

Previously the indexer for Worldox always needed to be logged on for indexing to work. Now, Worldox Indexing runs as a service and thus the server can remain logged off while still performing all the services needed to index documents. Further, for large organizations, multiple indexers can be used to allow indexing to be completed more quickly. This is a free upgrade.

We can help your firm organize its Windows Updates!

These feature enhancements are all excellent and enhance the value of your investment in Worldox. If you would like to implement Worldox, or any of the features noted, please contact Triella at 647.426.1004.

Charles Bennett is the Principal Consultant at Triella.  We are a technology consulting company specializing in providing technology audits, planning advice, project management and other CIO-related services to small and medium-sized firms. Charles can be reached at 647.426.1004. For additional articles, go to our blog page. Triella is a VMware Professional Partner, Microsoft Certified Partner, Citrix Solution Advisor – Silver, Dell Preferred Partner, Authorized Worldox Reseller and a Webroot Reseller.

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