What Will Your Next Smartphone Be?

2-22-2017 10-45-57 AM
Android leads the pack in consumer and business sales.
A recent Gartner survey of smartphone devices shows the unit sales in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2016 for the various operating systems.  Keep in mind, this is the Christmas season when there is a lot of gift giving and the survey does not separate business purchases from consumer purchases.   Nonetheless the numbers are informative:
2-22-2017 10-48-20 AM
Compared to the same time in 2015, Android has gained a percentage point largely at the expense of BlackBerry and Windows Phone.  Apple has been relatively stable.   BlackBerry (BB10) is almost off the charts now tracking lower than Windows Phone with a percentage of 0.0481.  This is down from 0.2% of market share a year earlier.
This means that it really is a two horse race at the moment in the mobile phone marketplace:  Android or iOS.  For security reasons, our choice would be to first go with iOS, then with BlackBerry on Android and then Android, the latter being the least secure ecosystem of the bunch.
2-22-2017 10-14-03 AM
Our recent experiences with BlackBerry Enterprise Servers have also been quite negative.   With the acquisition of Good Technology and the discontinuance of BlackBerry licenses for the BES server in favour of Good Technology licenses, the result has been an installation nightmare.  We spent 7 hours with BlackBerry’s own technical support and were unable to resolve this issue.  I suspect that whatever BES licenses are out there now will largely be gone within a year.
It will be interesting to see if BlackBerry is able to recapture market share with its Android phone models.  Unfortunately the data provided by Gartner did not break down the Android models by manufacturer.
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